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  • A worker with a beard successfully undergoing a mask fit test to ensure proper respiratory protection on the job site.

    Beard or no Beard. Can workers keep their facial hair on sites?

    Its a hot topic on site at the moment, builders want workers to wear masks, but the workers don’t want to shave every day for something that can be managed with controls..

  • Queensland Government releases new Silica Dust Code

    After years of consultation and development, Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace last week released the new managing respirable crystalline silica dust exposure in construction and manufacturing of construction elements code of practice 2022. The new Code is Australia’s first silica dust code of practice for the construction industry. The new Code will commence in Queensland […]

  • It’s all about Controls!

    The Silica Code of Practice has been released and many are struggling to interpret exactly what it means. Do I follow the controls table? Is my activity listed? What do I do if it’s not? These are all really good questions and questions we get daily from our customers. The controls table was developed by […]