Step by Step: How NeXtrack Makes Sites Safer For Builders, Subbies and Workers

There’s a lot of potential safety threats at a construction site when you combine workers, tools, materials and machinery.

And every manager wants their workers to Live Large and go home safely to their family at the end of the day.

NeXtrack is a new end-to-end safety solution developed by contractors for contractors to control hazards and manage compliance on construction sites.

It’s being rolled out across a number of sites as part of a wider strategy to tackle occupational lung disease and a range of other worker hazards.

It achieves this by digitizing processes, providing real-time feedback, and checking for compliance.

Here we put ourselves in the boots of workers and managers to illustrate how neXtrack works in action.

Check-In With A Smartphone

Picture the benefits of being able to walk up to a site, pull out your smart phone and check-in to a site.

This means managers no longer have to worry about paperwork and lost sign-in sheets. For workers, it means being easily able to take more control of their health on site.

Compliance Checks On Machinery

Operating machinery is a source of hazards on sites. NeXtrack automates the process of hazard monitoring and implementing controls when it comes to operating machinery.

Take a scissor lift for example. With neXtack, a worker would approach the scissor lift and scan a QR code that registers them to the scissor lift.

NeXtrack will know if the worker is or isn’t correctly licensed to operate the scissor lift. NexTrack also delivers safety prompts and can ask the worker if they have equipped the harness. 

The correctly licenced worker is now registered to the scissor lift, is wearing their harness, and can begin work.

Get Notified When Jobs Are Complete

NexTrack also automatically informs managers when a job is done.

Let’s use the scissor lift as another example. The worker scans the QR code again to signal that the job is complete. NexTrack automatically lets everyone who needs to know that the worker is no longer using the scissor lift and there are no issues to report.

This feature gives managers peace of mind, but they can then plan the following use of the machinery and apply the workforce that has become available now a job is complete.

Manage Access To Confined Spaces

If a worker is about to enter a confined space, a QR code scan will reveal if they have the proper training required to enter the area. It will also ask if they are meeting any compliance requirements.

NeXtrack also notifies relevant managers to let them know that an employee has entered the confined area and is appropriately licenced.

It’s about ensuring the right people are in the right place with the proper training. 

Remotely Monitor Hazards In Real-Time

All controls are monitored and linked through IoT devices. The platform can be supervised by managers and safety professionals who can observe real-time data and take appropriate action to monitor compliance and improve controls.

This means managers can be in the office on one side of the site and immediately receive notifications about compliance and hazards in an area on the other side of the site.

NeXtrack gives managers a clearer picture of hazard controls and workplace exposures across the whole site.

Built for Builders, Subcontractors and individual tradies
NeXtrack is a new end-to-end digital solution for hazard control and real-time compliance monitoring. The platform helps builders, subcontractors, and workers in the construction industry identify, manage, and report on a range of hazards, ensuring every site is healthy. To find out more about how you can LIVE LARGE with NeXtrack, please get in touch.

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