deFENDer / Hazard Identification Pack (HIP-Y) Real Time Monitor

Multi-Hazard Identification Pack with the following on board sensors:

Dust PM1.0

Dust PM2.5

Dust PM4.25

Dust PM10.0




Connects via LoRaWAN Gateway to seamlessly deliver real-time data to your neXtrack dashboard

neXtrack offers 3 options to order the HIP-Y Real Time Monitor:

  1. The HIP-Y monitor can be purchased outright and used along side any neXtrack subscription.
  2. For those who prefer to hire, there is the month-to-month hire option which has no lock-in terms and perfect for short term hire.
  3. For longer hire periods, there is the month-to-month with a minimum of 6 months hire commitment, which offers a discounted monthly rate.
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