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neXtrack is here to provide practical solutions to the construction industry and help meet silica control requirements.

As part of this exciting deal, partner customers get exclusive access to this promotion, providing simple and easy to use solutions for real time activity management.

Any partner customer that subscribes to an annual subscription will receive a RCS Dust Control Plan for free, valued at $995.

Partnership Promotion

$299 / per month
Annual subscription

How neXtrack helps

In three easy steps, you can have hassle free compliance and piece of mind that you have protected your workers:

1. Identify – We review your activities and provide control templates to help standardise tasks/activities across your projects.

2. Control – neXtrack provides real time monitors to monitor airborne contaminant levels when carrying out tasks to measure the effectiveness of the controls used.

3. Manage – neXtrack will then correlate the hygiene statistically valid data with the real time monitors, so they can be used as part of your RCS dust management compliance.

Our real time monitors alert workers to increased exposure levels in the workplace by using the on-board traffic light system, whilst transmitting all data back to the neXtrack platform.

Our platform records and displays the data in real time for business management, whilst also providing easy to use reports for control effectiveness.

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