Construction Industry A “Priority” For National Safety Strategy

The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy has identified the construction industry as a priority due to the high number and rate of work-related fatalities and serious injuries.

For several years, construction has consistently been among the top few industries with the highest number of severe claims, according to Safe Work Australia. Since 2006–07, it has had the fifth-highest incidence rate of serious claims of all industries.

The Strategy aimed to reduce the incidence of severe injury and reduce the number of work-related fatalities due to injury. The Strategy noted the construction industry would play a critical role in meeting these targets.

Since the Strategy launched, Safe Work Australia and all jurisdictions have been working collaboratively with the industry, unions, relevant organisations and the community to reduce traumatic injury fatalities and injuries in the construction industry.

The Strategy also highlighted work-related conditions associated with the construction industry as national priorities. They included:

  • occupational lung diseases 
  • noise-induced hearing loss

The current Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022 was launched in October 2012 and will conclude in September 2022.

Safe Work Australia is progressing work to develop a new WHS strategy. As a first step, they are undertaking an evaluation of the current Strategy and have said views on the features and performance of the current Strategy are critical to this evaluation.

A survey is the first of a series of engagements with Safe Work Australia Members towards developing a new WHS strategy. In the first instance, feedback on the current Strategy through a series of questions below will assist them in examining what worked well over the last nine years and/or what features may have been lacking that, in hindsight, may have made the current Strategy more effective.

Once the evaluation is complete, Safe Work Australia will be in a position to adopt a forward-looking approach to the development of the new Strategy. 

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