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  • monitoring of diesel particulate levels

    Proposed Workplace Exposure Standard for Diesel Particulate

    What is Diesel Particulate? Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) can act like a gas and stay airborne for long periods of time. DPM can penetrate deep into the lungs because of its small size and cause Short Term (Acute) or Long Term (Chronic) health effects. The major source of workplace exposure to diesel exhaust is from […]

  • man holding an x ray image of a lung with dust diseases

    Dust Diseases Registry to be established

    Draft legislation proposed by the federal government will establish a national Dust Diseases Registry for those impacted by respiratory conditions, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald last week. The dust diseases registry will collect data to identify and monitor workplace silicosis risks, and enable a nationally coordinated response to cases to better protect workers. […]

  • neXtrack partners with Tradie Health Institute

    As a company committed to engineering change and safeguarding the health of workers, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Tradie Health Institute as an inaugural partner. This partnership is a significant step towards a healthier future for Australia’s tradies, who are an essential part of the country’s workforce. The Tradie Health Institute […]

  • Silicosis in Construction: A Call for Stronger Protections

    A joint investigation from 60 Minutes and the Sydney Morning Herald has shed light on the devastating impact of silicosis and lung disease on workers in the construction and manufacturing industries and more specifically engineered stone. The investigation has highlighted the urgent need for stronger protections for workers and greater awareness of the risks associated […]

  • Why This Community Is Up In Arms Over Quarry Dust

    A story out of Victoria demonstrates how dust from a workplace can affect not just workers but can have an impact on the surrounding community as well. Images published by the Mornington Peninsula News shows parents protesting at a local school over fears dust from a quarry planned nearby will harm their children. The report […]

  • Queensland Government releases new Silica Dust Code

    After years of consultation and development, Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace last week released the new managing respirable crystalline silica dust exposure in construction and manufacturing of construction elements code of practice 2022. The new Code is Australia’s first silica dust code of practice for the construction industry. The new Code will commence in Queensland […]

  • It’s all about Controls!

    The Silica Code of Practice has been released and many are struggling to interpret exactly what it means. Do I follow the controls table? Is my activity listed? What do I do if it’s not? These are all really good questions and questions we get daily from our customers. The controls table was developed by […]

  • Lung Disease

    Occupational Lung Disease – Seven Scary Statistics That Highlight the Problem in Australia

    In 2019 the Australian Government established a National Dust Disease Taskforce to develop a national approach for the prevention, early identification, control and management of occupational dust diseases in Australia. The taskforce was created in response to the re-emergence of an entirely preventable occupational respiratory disease that was prevalent in Australia in the 1940s to […]

  • NeXtrack Secures Industry Support As Major Builders Sign-Up For Digital Safety Platform

    An Australian-made solution to the occupational lung disease epidemic, including silicosis, has received strong early support from some of the biggest players in the construction industry as the company pushes ahead with an accelerated national roll-out. Gold Coast-based startup Trieste Global launched the neXtrack platform earlier this year and has recently secured support from building […]

  • Dust Disease taskforce

    7 Recommendations Of The National Dust Disease Taskforce

    Silicosis sufferers, their families, and industries have been waiting for The National Dust Diseases Taskforce to make essential recommendations. The task force’s final report has now been handed down and makes seven recommendations for action on silicosis to protect workers from harm. The National Dust Disease Taskforce was formed when a trend emerged of new […]