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  • monitoring of diesel particulate levels

    Proposed Workplace Exposure Standard for Diesel Particulate

    What is Diesel Particulate? Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) can act like a gas and stay airborne for long periods of time. DPM can penetrate deep into the lungs because of its small size and cause Short Term (Acute) or Long Term (Chronic) health effects. The major source of workplace exposure to diesel exhaust is from […]

  • Air Monitoring – WHSQ Campaign to begin

    Air monitoring is a critical component of the upcoming Silica Code of Practice in the construction and manufacturing industries. It allows employers and contractors to identify, assess, and provide recommendations to control hazards associated with silica dust exposure. It is also enables PCBU’s to demonstrate compliance with regulations, improve worker health and safety, and continuously […]

  • man holding an x ray image of a lung with dust diseases

    Dust Diseases Registry to be established

    Draft legislation proposed by the federal government will establish a national Dust Diseases Registry for those impacted by respiratory conditions, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald last week. The dust diseases registry will collect data to identify and monitor workplace silicosis risks, and enable a nationally coordinated response to cases to better protect workers. […]

  • nextrack platform notification feature, control measures, sms, emaily, reports, alerts

    neXtrack Notifications Feature

    In today’s fast-paced world, staying informed and up-to-date is crucial. This is particularly true for businesses that rely on the latest technology to maintain a healthy working environment. Wish you had a platform that could alert you to exposures from dust generating activities? Want to validate how effective your control measures are? Well neXtrack has […]

  • Midwater, Main Beach

    MIDWATER, MAIN BEACH TOMKINS TRUSTs NEXTRack for complex top down construction With direct access to the water’s edge, Midwater offers unparalleled coastal living with all the benefits of the Sanctuary Cove lifestyle. Overview Tomkins Commercial engaged neXtrack to supply real time monitors for validation of the dust controls used in their complex “top down” construction […]

  • WHS Ministers: Report to review the ban of Engineered Stone

    WHS Ministers from across the country met on the 28th February to discuss WHS issues of national importance. Front and centre of these discussions has been the national response to silicosis and the potential ban of engineered stone, as previously discussed in our past blog: Silicosis in Construction: A Call for Stronger Protections Whilst a […]

  • neXtrack partners with Tradie Health Institute

    As a company committed to engineering change and safeguarding the health of workers, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Tradie Health Institute as an inaugural partner. This partnership is a significant step towards a healthier future for Australia’s tradies, who are an essential part of the country’s workforce. The Tradie Health Institute […]

  • Silicosis in Construction: A Call for Stronger Protections

    A joint investigation from 60 Minutes and the Sydney Morning Herald has shed light on the devastating impact of silicosis and lung disease on workers in the construction and manufacturing industries and more specifically engineered stone. The investigation has highlighted the urgent need for stronger protections for workers and greater awareness of the risks associated […]

  • Zones

    neXtrack ZONES

    When it comes to construction sites, the safety and productivity of workers is of paramount importance. One way to ensure both, is to divide the site into distinct zones, each with its specific purpose and rules. Safety zones, loading/unloading areas, working and exclusion zones are all critical to ensuring that a workers safety can be […]

  • What is Real-time Monitoring?

    Real-time monitoring is the process of continuously collecting and analysing data in real-time as events occur. In other words, it is the practice of constantly keeping an eye on data and making timely decisions based on the data collected. Real-time sampling uses a direct-reading device to measure dust concentrations and can be used in a […]