• End-to-end construction hazard control and real-time monitoring platform.

    Reduce systems and increase productivity while keeping everyone healthy & safe.

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neXtrack, built by contractors for contractors.
Helping prevent occupational illness caused by hazard exposures & conditions.

For Builders

  • Better manage your site hazards with ease, from your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Toolbox talks made easy
  • Easy site setup and zone management
  • Receive weekly site activity reports to easily identify any critical potential hazards before they occur
  • Quick dashboard view to review your site data
  • Assign tasks directly to your HSE officers, contractors and any additional users in one simple step
  • View incomplete and completed tasks for users
  • Reduce paperwork and software subscription costs. neXtrack is your one-stop solution
  • Manage & monitor potential occupational illness hazards with neXtrack deFENDer controls & monitors
  • Strategic monitoring & measuring of noise pollution and dust control. DeFENDer systems can mitigate any airborne related hazards.
  • Help keep everyone healthy and safe on the job site

neXtrack is enabling us to provide real-time validation of the effectiveness of our controls, providing certainty to our workforce and stakeholders.”

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WHSE Manager, Multiplex
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For Contractors & Workers

  • Communicate in real-time easily with your site boss in one end-to-end hazard control platform. One system for all!
  • Quick, easy site & activity login keeping you on top of all of your activities and potential hazards
  • Assign & view tasks and carry out activities in one easy step
  • Receive notifications to easily complete tasks and activities
  • Monitor and measure potential hazards to avoid occupational illnesses
  • Reduce paperwork, increase productivity and the health and wellbeing of yourself and your workers
  • Review your weekly reports to show you just how awesome you and your workers are!
  • Invite your team to join the platform. One simple place for communication, tasks, activities, health and safety, licences and compliance
  • Access to a range of industry leading service providers, a one-stop shop for all of your compliance needs and requirements

Working with Trieste, we set up site trials of engineered controls that enabled us to create a controlled work zone for workers to carry out hazardous tasks in a controlled, safe manner.”

Hutchinson Builders Logo Danny O’Reilly
National Health & Safety Manager, Hutchinson Builders

For Hygienists

  • Monitor, Control, Report
  • Your end-to-end solution combining data collection from market leading controls
  • Safety alerts
  • Control validation
  • Assessment tools
  • Data analytics to monitor and report back to your clients
  • Data transfers
  • Customer satisfaction, ensuring every site is a healthy site
  • Become a neXtrack service provider

Job site occupational illness prevention for:

  • FUMES – Painting, Welding
  • EXHAUST – Vehicles, Plant Equipment
  • NOISE – Demolition, Fitout
  • DUST – Concreting, Tiling, Plastering
  • Plus many more!

Integrates with:

NeXtrack Construction Safety Software on Laptop & Mobile Devices
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neXtrack and deFENDer are powered by Trieste Global. To learn more, download our ‘Theory of Change’ ebook now